2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report
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2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report|
A Sustainable
Vision Forward
Our path to a better tomorrow
A Message From Our President & CEO

Every day, all of us at ONE Gas join together to serve our customers by providing reliable natural gas service, fulfilling our Company’s mission statement: to deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow.

Our vision for a better tomorrow includes continuous improvement and being part of a sustainable energy future. As you will see, we are building processes and pursuing opportunities to realize that vision.

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2021 Highlights
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Emissions Reduction

55% expected reduction in emissions due to leaks from distribution pipelines by 2035, measured from a 2005 baseline and including projected growth, achieved primarily through our vintage pipeline replacement and protection program

Environmental Sustainability
We believe ONE Gas and our assets will play an essential role in the transition to a carbon-neutral energy future. We also are mindful of the need to continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable natural gas service to our customers.
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Our Path to a Carbon-Neutral Future
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Reducing Emissions from Mains and Services

Utilizing the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory Protocol, our estimated total emissions due to leaks from mains and services in 2021 was 155,391 metric tons of CO2e, compared to 289,070 metric tons of CO2e in 2005 – a 46% reduction.

A Culture of Safety
Safety is our No. 1 Core Value. It is an integral consideration in everything we do. Safe driving, personal injury prevention and public safety are essential aspects of our daily work. Our training, processes and procedures are designed to prevent incidents or harm to our employees, customers and communities.

We regularly rank in the top quartile for similar-sized local distribution companies for all three personal safety metrics tracked by the AGA: Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR); Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART); and Preventable Vehicle Incident Rate (PVIR).
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2017 - 2021 Safety Metrics

We believe that this commitment to safety carries over into other areas of our work, resulting in system improvements and better service to our customers.

Social Responsibility
Social responsibility begins with fostering a safe, ethical, inclusive and diverse culture. ONE Gas employees care about one another as much as they do our customers and the communities where we live and serve. Here’s how we made a difference for our stakeholders in 2021.

We have seen firsthand how an inclusive work culture, where all viewpoints are welcome, creates an engaged and high-performing workforce and an environment where top talent wants to work.
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Inclusion & Diversity Highlights

To build a better tomorrow, we have created a culture that embraces Inclusion and Diversity as a core value and encourages collaboration across our organization.

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Five-Year Plan

Developed a five-year plan for advancing Inclusion and Diversity initiatives

We are committed to providing lasting value and energy transition solutions for our stakeholders. Our commitment to sustainability aligns with our Company mission — to deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow. This mission influences our business strategy and guides our decision-making, including our goals and targets related to ESG matters.
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Governance Practices at ONE Gas
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Annual Elections

Annual election of all directors by majority vote in uncontested elections

About One Gas
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ONE Gas, Inc. (NYSE: OGS) is a 100% regulated natural gas utility. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company is included in the S&P MidCap 400 Index and is one of the largest natural gas utilities in the U.S. We provide natural gas service to approximately 2.3 million customers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

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