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2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report|
Our Environment - Committed to a Clean Energy Future
Sustainability & Lower-Emission Energy
Environmental Sustainability
ONE Gas is committed to meeting our customers’ needs for affordable, reliable and lower-emission energy while engaging in responsible environmental stewardship.

To protect our planet for a better tomorrow, we are reducing emissions released from our system through pipeline replacement and system integrity projects, public awareness, end-use energy conservation programs and exploring new technology to take us into a low-carbon future.
Modernizing & Investing in our System to Reduce Emissions

How we are tightening and modernizing our system to reduce emissions

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reduction in Scope 1 CO2e emissions through replacement and protection of distribution mains and service lines since 2014

Pipeline Replacement
Pipeline Replacement
System modernization remains a pivotal way to enhance pipeline safety and reliability and reduce our environmental impact. Pipeline replacement efforts help us reduce emissions by replacing higher emitting materials with lower-emitting materials or by cathodically protecting unprotected pipe, which lowers the emissions for that pipe.

Between 2021 and 2025, we expect to replace approximately 900 miles of vintage pipeline materials, which includes wrought iron, unprotected bare steel, protected bare steel and vintage plastic.
Vintage Pipe Replacement
Inventory based on data reported for 2020. Pipeline replacement due to future changes in state or federal regulations is not projected in replacement estimates.

*The vintage pipeline replacement program includes wrought iron, unprotected bare steel, protected bare steel and vintage plastic.
Vintage Pipe Replacement

Public Awareness
Public Awareness
Excavation damage – which occurs when someone unrelated to the utility accidentally hits one of its lines, usually while digging – is a safety risk, constitutes a challenge to maintaining pipeline integrity and can be a significant cause of emissions.

Our public awareness efforts and damage prevention programs proactively engage key audiences with information to help everyone make informed and safe decisions and avoid third-party damage to our pipelines.

Public awareness programs include 811 Call Before You Dig, Natural Gas Safety Education and Cross-Bore Education.
End-Use Energy Conservation
We work closely with our customers to encourage end-use energy conservation through our customer programs and education campaigns.

Our rebate programs help customers in Texas and Oklahoma make smarter energy choices that benefit them and the planet. Since 2015, we have provided more than 713,000 energy efficiency rebates, totaling $96 million.

Our programs include: Low-Income Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, Home Improvement and Appliance Replacement Program, New Home Program, Commercial Direct Install Program, Natural Gas Vehicle Rebate Program and a Water Conservation Program.
End-Use Energy Conservation
Innovation & Technology

Since 2006, ONE Gas has invested more than $10 million in researching and developing innovative natural gas technology solutions through an ongoing partnership with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), a leading non-profit organization specializing in researching new energy technologies.

In 2020, the company contributed $755,280 for technology development through our partnership with GTI. Our investment supports more than 100 active technology projects.

Renewable Natural Gas
Renewable natural gas (RNG) projects capture methane from organic materials like food and animal waste, redirecting it away from the environment and removing harmful contaminants from the atmosphere.

ONE Gas is exploring how it can deliver this captured methane to homes and businesses just like the geologic natural gas we deliver today.
Renewable Natural Gas
Exploring Hydrogen Technology
Exploring Hydrogen Technology
Another exciting opportunity to positively impact the environment is with renewable hydrogen and hydrogen technologies. ONE Gas is actively investing in research and partnerships to understand the mechanics of blending renewable hydrogen into our existing pipeline system.

Blending hydrogen into the existing natural gas infrastructure has national and regional benefits for energy storage, resiliency and emission reductions.
Hydrogen Projects

In close collaboration with GTI and The University of Texas at Austin, ONE Gas joined the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) project, Demonstration and Framework for H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond. The project is supported by DOE’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

H2@Scale in Texas and Beyond intends to show that renewable hydrogen can be a cost-effective fuel for multiple end-use applications, including fuel cell electric vehicles, when coupled with large, baseload consumers that use hydrogen for clean, reliable stationary power.