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2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report|
Safety & Resiliency - Recognized for Safety Excellence
Safety is Our #1 Core Value
Safety & Resiliency
Safety is our number one Core Value and at the foundation of everything we do. Our 3,700 employees drive our safety culture and are committed to a goal of zero harm.

ONE Gas regularly ranks in the top quartile for similar-sized local distribution companies for all three personal safety metrics tracked by the American Gas Association (AGA) – Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) and Preventable Vehicle Incident Rate (PVIR).

We continue to refine our training, processes and procedures as we strive for zero fatalities, zero incidents and zero harm to our employees, customers and communities.
Recognized for Safety Excellence
From 2017-2020, ONE Gas ranked in the top quartile in all three American Gas Association industry safety metrics.

This included the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) and Preventable Vehicle Incident Rate (PVIR).
Recognized for Safety Excellence
Emergency Response Time
Emergency Response Time
From the moment we receive a call about a natural gas odor, we closely monitor the time between creating an emergency order and the arrival of the first company responder to the scene.

In 2020, ONE Gas responded to 64.49% of emergency calls in under 30 minutes across our service territory, which includes a mix of urban, suburban and rural areas. We addressed the majority of the remaining 35% of emergency calls within an hour.

To maintain continuous improvement, our managers and supervisors review and evaluate ERT performance and staffing levels monthly to determine how we can further improve and execute those improvements.
Pipeline Safety
We use a variety of technologies to monitor and maintain our natural gas distribution system to allow safe delivery of natural gas to our customers and the communities we serve. These safety procedures and technologies are important parts of our system integrity program that help identify areas improvement as we continue to tighten our system.

Our Pipeline Safety Compliance Program supports the company’s commitment to safety by implementing a framework and processes to achieve regulatory compliance and explore opportunities for improvement with a dedicated Pipeline Safety Compliance Group (PSCG) working alongside Operations to drive compliance across the organization.
Pipeline Safety
Technology & Training
Technology & Training
ONE Gas broke ground on a new, state-of-the-art training center designed to provide hands-on training to Operations employees throughout the company. The 17,000 square-foot space has dedicated areas for specific disciplines, including pressure and measurement, customer service, construction and maintenance, fire abatement and management and excavation safety.

A "Simulation City" includes eight buildings that replicate real-world scenarios our field workers typically face.
ONE Gas Safety Management System (OSMS)
ONE Gas continues to implement a comprehensive and systematic approach to managing safety called the ONE Gas Safety Management System (OSMS).

This safety management system aligns with American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP)-1173 for pipeline safety, which utilizes a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to foster continuous improvement. In mid-2019, the AGA board asked member companies to voluntarily implement API RP-1173 within three years. ONE Gas was an early and enthusiastic supporter of this industry-wide commitment.

In 2021, ONE Gas leadership finalized and approved the OSMS program document endorsing their full support and demonstrating strong Leadership Commitment – the first element of API RP-1173. Full implementation is expected by mid-2022.
ONE Gas Safety Management System (OSMS)
Continuous Improvement

A core element of our OSMS program, Continuous Improvement means reviewing all aspects of our business with a four-step Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to identify improvement opportunities. This goes beyond the work of our own employees: we evaluate our contractors, technology, training and much more to operate in the safest, most ethical and compliant manner.

Cyber & Physical Security
Our company’s focus on safety also extends to protecting our physical security, information technology and operational technology assets. Our chief information officer (CIO), who reports directly to the CEO, leads ONE Gas’ cyber and physical security efforts. The CIO attends the regular meetings of our Board of Directors to provide updates on the cybersecurity landscape and what ONE Gas is doing to keep our customers, employees and systems safe.

Under the CIO’s direction, the ONE Gas cybersecurity team operates 24/7, continuously analyzing cybersecurity risks to our business. The cybersecurity team participates in drills, learns from events experienced by our peers and any attempts to breach our system, and keeps abreast of industry trends to implement controls, as appropriate, to mitigate these risks.

ONE Gas also leverages advanced physical security technologies through artificial intelligence-assisted surveillance and intrusion detection.
Cyber & Physical Security
A Reliable Choice

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